Who we are

Worthwhile Capital Partners is an independent placement agent focusing on investment strategies that support institutional investors in their ambition to meet return and sustainability targets. We work across sectors such as climate change mitigation, sustainable use of water and marine sources, the circular economy, a healthy and efficient ecosystem and pollution prevention.

We actively support UN Sustainable Development Goal 17, Partnership for the goals, where we aim to strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development. Worthwhile Capital Partners is a signatory of UN Principles for Responsible Investing.

We are not a traditional placement agent. We exist for more than returns, even though it is our livelihood. We have formed our business to set our sights much higher. At our core, we believe in the transformational power that connecting capital with sustainable investment opportunities can bring to every aspect of our planet, society and economy. To us, our work is our mission.
— Worthwhile Capital Partners

OUR Strategy

Asset owners across the world will not fall short of challenges to their investment returns in the coming decade. Risk premia in conventional asset classes have collapsed and asset price correlation risks are increasing across portfolios. From a macro economic and portfolio construction perspective, there is an apparent need for asset owners to re-allocate portfolios away from equities and bonds into uncorrelated and alternative investments.

We believe this portfolio rotation is ongoing and expect it to accelerate in coming years. Simultaneously, there is imminent need for capital that supports sustainability across multiple sectors. Our strategy is to offer investors investment opportunities that meet their sustainability objectives by a thematic approach to fundraising. This allows us to bring thought leaders, industry experts and investors together to discuss, explore and implement strategies for these targets.

Our theme for 2019-2021 is focused on the transition towards a fossil-free energy system. To achieve this, we have put a team together with experience in strategic asset allocation, portfolio construction and implementation. Our strategy is to focus on investor needs, which allows us to provide better support to our investors and better value to fund managers.